Creek Village

Close up of base

Posted on July 26, 2012. Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. Great technique and composition!

  2. 1. black splatter for the dark shadows in between the roots. 2. sponge work created the foliage strokes, and 3. there are several different brush strokes, those that created the little branches (perhaps a striping brush) those used on the medium dark tree truncks (a no 3 or 4 filbert?) and the larger mops used for putting lots of color in the grass. at least that is how I would attempt it, though I have never used watercolours.

  3. Ron, I am so blessed with your generosity and love of teaching. Thank you. Love your use of green. So many are afraid of the colour, but I love the purity with which you paint it. I also want to thank you for your sharing on the Daniel Smith Colours. I first discovered them when visiting my daughter in America, and have become quite a fan. Like you though, I am also enjoying the Quin. colours of WN. So very sorry to hear about your accident. If you will allow me to, I would love to pray for you. God bless and thank you so much. Robin.

    • Dear Robin,
      Thank you for your kind words. I ALWAYS gladly accept prayer.There is no question that the accident has helped to shape my working habits. The things I used to do with two hands now have to be done by one.(One hand is occupied with a cane.) So I adapt.

      As for the greens; I do love to explore the variety especially in the early spring when the tender first growth makes its appearance. So many possibilities.

  4. Dear Ron, Like you, I had an accident many years ago, but it ended in me having to have a total knee replacement, but today, I have great freedom from pain and it I never think of it anymore. Painting has been a wonderful part of the healing process, as creativity so brings us out of ourselves and into the wonder of life itself. I truly loved your use of colour, as I viewed your artwork, and will also get busy this spring. We are in winter now, down here in Western Australia, and as I use the covered patio outside for my oils and newly tried acrylics, it can be limited to those days of sun and warmth. I truly hope you are feeling better and stronger, and yes, that the Lord heals you fully.
    Would love to keep in touch, as I do respect your wisdom, experience and talents. Regards, Robin.

  5. Dear Robin,
    Thank you for your kind words. Yes, my accident was very trying and for a year I was totally dependent upon a cane. As for your desire that G-d would heal me fully…..well, it has been answered. I have had a miraculous healing of my heart,hip and leg. My cardiologist is delighted but cautiously endorsing a change in meds. As for the cane? It is in the closet and I haven’t gone near it in a week! For the first time in over a year I exercised without a safety rope. To say I am delighted is beyond description. I must tell you it was a wondrous event.

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