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As some of you will recall I have often endorsed Mary Whyte size 8 Kolinsky sable brushes on this site.  Well,  Mary is preparing for an important exhibition and currently her brushes are not available. She needs brushes to complete her paintings for this exhibition.

Like most of us she is accustomed to her own brush design and heft. Personally I prefer the brush as well. Preparing for such an important event is stress enough without abruptly finding that you can’t get your preferred supplies.

Here’s what has happened:

The Fish and Game folks have shut down the importation of Kolinsky sable brushes. I am aware of some web-sites that are saying otherwise but I have had conversations this afternoon with two major suppliers.  Apparently this has something to do with a UN treaty.  I do not have all of the particulars but according to suppliers their brushes have been detained.  That is, shipments are not being delivered.  When will it end?  I don’t know.

Will you help?

If you are a generous soul who happens to have a new or fairly new Mary Whyte brush would you please consider giving it to Mary?  If so, please contact Tracy at 

What else can you do?

Contact your Senators and Congressmen and ask them to contact Fish and Game officials. The implications of this issue is very serious to those of us who paint professionally. While I am aware of the existence of synthetic blended brushes they DO NOT match the response of Kolinsky sable. Once again, we are faced with a major challenge for artists in the United States of America. 

Thank you.

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