I want to take a moment and explain a bit of frustration. Many of you have been buying Mastering Glazing Techniques in Watercolor, Vol.I  directly from my create space site http://www.createspace.com/3657628   others have been going to Amazon Books. Currently at Amazon books the first image /icon that comes up is the OLD out of print edition with the white cover. If you click on it and or read the copy it will tell you that the book is not for sale on their site!  If you click around a bit you will eventually find the paperback edition of about $31.00.

Down below that entry on the Amazon page you will find two images of the revised edition offered for sale at enormous prices! Unfortunately a part of the Amazon team sees no reason to modify or change the layout! I have  discussed this issue with my Create Space support team.  They are working on the issue. We have no idea how it happened but it is a mess to put it mildly.  So to recap, if you buy, you want the revised edition and it is only about $31.00 USD!!   I’m sorry for any confusion.

PS: Thanks for your overwhelming support of this site and my book. I am currently working on a new video series that is newer than The Antique Shop DVD  http://www.createspace.com 350893



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Watercolor painter and author of several watercolor books on painting technique. Recent inductee/recipient of the Marquis Life Time Achievers Award.

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  1. Don, I am a little confused. I have both of your books in the older, hardcover editions. Is this a new revised edition of ‘Mastering Glazing Techniques’? If so, does it contain enough new information to justify the cost?
    Cyndy Allen

    • Cyndy,
      Thanks for the question. I’m delighted that you have two of my older books.
      The cost of the new book is around 31.00 USD retail. Is it worth it? Well, I suppose that all depends upon your viewpoint.
      Here is what is new. There are new color wheels that reflect the introduction of quinacridone colors. While these colors are not totally new
      they arrived on the scene largely AFTER the 1st edition was published. Their impact is so important that it is worth noting. Next, many colors
      changed; new formulations. Those have been updated. I also added 2 new step by step tutorials and 2 new paintings. Finally you will have to be the judge.
      It is worth noting that two book sellers have purchased a number of the new edition and are offering them at 70 and 90 dollar prices. I’m not really sure what that is all about but before the markets got hit some resellers were selling the out of print hardcover for around $300 USD! That blew my mind. Today many of those hard
      cover copies are dirt cheap. Did the new edition change the market? I really don’t know. Anyway thanks for the question Cyndy. I hope my answer is of some help. By the way I am currently wrapping up a series of on-line tutorials that are designed to bring the foundational part of the book to life via video. I have done the apple and some landscape lessons on camera to give a sort of blow by blow description of the book. It will be available on Udemy and will be entitled …you guessed it “Mastering Glazing Techniques in Watercolor.”


      • Don, thank you so much for your fast and detailed reply! I thought about the quinacradones after my e-mail was sent. Yes, it seems I will be buying your updated book on glazing with watercolors. I am 64, on disability, have a tight budget and cannot travel to workshops without my husband’s support. However, books and videos like yours provide a wealth of education if a person works hard to put it to use.

        I sent you a link to my blog, which has not been updated since our middle daughter was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer at 33. After she passed, I hit the pits and am working hard now to get back on track. I wish I could study with you in person, but look forward to your blog, book, and videos.

        Thanks for sharing your time & wisdom,


      • You are most welcome. May G-d give you and your family peace.

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