Thank you

I had a tremendous response from the readers of this post.  You put me over the top with your response to my last two posts.

All coupons were taken in less than 10 hours!  The on-line course for  Mastering Glazing Techniques in Watercolor  is now publicly available. In order to say thanks I am able to offer a $20 off on the regular price of $49.  No guarantee of how long that will last.

The course consists of more than two hours of short easy to do tutorials. Lessons are broken into small segments do that you can hit the pause button, do the work and come back. I am told that you have lifetime access to the material and I will be updating or modifying from time to time. Right now there are 30 segments, dealing with brush handling techniques, paints, under painting, dry brush and other tips. In fact since some of you responded, I have added more material. One thing I ask; please write a review after you view the course. Those reviews are very important. I thank you in advance.

The coupon code is MGTIWa.  The site is

My apologies for those who tried to get in but were not able.  I was hopeful that people would respond. I just didn’t imagine that it would happen so fast.  While 10 hours is not a record it seems that Udemy considers any course that gets full response within 7 days to be a course that usually does very well.

In a few days I’ll be posting another watercolor tutorial.  My postings have been a bit sparse but we started this video project 8 months ago.  Now that it is completed I can look forward to more painting and posting.

I do want to make one observation.  In the course of doing research I have had opportunity to read various posts that are supposed to be about watercolor glazing techniques. I have to say that I was more than a bit dismayed by some of the articles I have read in the past week or so. I’ll not mention names but I will say that watercolor glazing DOES NOT require the addition of any substance other than water and watercolor pigment to develop the process. If you run across accounts that tell you to add acrylic medium or varnish to the mix you are definitely reading the wrong article.  Sorry folks but that ain’t watercolor glazing.

Want to know more about watercolor glazing techniques?  Order Mastering Glazing Techniques in Watercolor, Volume 1 by Dr. Don Rankin http://www.   

DVD: A complete tutorial of painting from start to finish: The Antique Shop

About masteringglazingtechniquesinwatercolor

Watercolor painter and author of several watercolor books on painting technique. Recent inductee/recipient of the Marquis Life Time Achievers Award.

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  1. I am having trouble with the class address. I would love to sign up but I keep getting a error when clicking on the website!

    • Karen,
      Apparently you figured it out because I see you as signed in. Computers can be fussy at times.
      Let me know if you have any difficulties. If you would please write an evaluation review at some point.


      • I finally got it straightened out! I am enjoying the course as I had a copy of the original of your book. I say “had” as we lost our home in a fire in May of 2012. Lost everything but we are most blessed as we are now in our new home, I am getting back to painting and enjoying it! I had a VHS of yours too of I think the Antique Shop? Now I am aging myself! But we are never too old to learn new and exciting techniques!

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