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In Loving Memory

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Geneal M. Rankin  June 1944- January 2019

A number of you have wondered why this site has been vacant.  For the past 27 months my wife was seriously ill.  Geneal suffered from complications of Type II Diabetes.  She had been diabetic for a number of years.  Finally the complications began to pile up with her suffering complete kidney failure that led to dialysis.  At first we trained for home dialysis and that worked for about 18 months. In May of 2018 that suddenly failed and we had to go to Hemo-dialysis.  The complications continued with amputations and a series of surgeries. Our battle was over on January 24.

I chose this picture of a happier time when two beautiful strangers graced our deck for part of a day. Sasha and Sitka decided to leave their fenced in back yard.  Someone left the gate open! After about two days of wandering they swam the creek and came knocking, literally,  on our front door. We decided to bring them into our backyard with our two dogs. Praying that no one would claim them, we knew we had to call the local vets.  Sure enough their owner came around later that day.

I will resume posting paintings soon

Meanwhile you can see work at on Instagram.

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